Cash Tillman Thursday #6

Next week Cash will be 10 months old! Only 2 months til my precious baby boy is an whole year old! I know I’m going to sound like my mom when I say it seems like only yesterday I was holding him for the first time, but it’s the truth. His features are changing so much recently. His smile is growing bigger and brighter everyday, literally, his top 2 front teeth have officially broke the surface of his gums and started to come in.  He’s pulling himself up onto everything and anything that he can now, I predict he’ll be stumbling around by the end of this month. He’s so much more alert, we’re down to 2 naps a day which is so much more fun! He loves to crawl around and play all day, his favorite toys right now are: his mini-basketball, his giant stuffed elephant Jimmy Carter, his tambourine, and Grandpap’s old cell phone (it doesn’t work or light up, he just likes to chew on it). He’s been sampling a ton of different foods too! There really isn’t anything Cash doesn’t like to eat at the moment, he’s even eaten part of a post-it while mommy was trying to study. Cash has learned how to “high-five” and clap and say “yayyyyy” while he claps. I love seeing my baby grow and learn new things about the world everyday! We officially picked out his 1st birthday party theme and the pinning has begun!









Cookies and Crackers,



About britaknee

I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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2 Responses to Cash Tillman Thursday #6

  1. andthreetogo says:

    He is so adorable. Time does go so much faster when you are a parent. I can’t believe that my little girl is over 3 years old now!

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