Dressing Appropriately for an Art Exhibit

For my Drawing 1 class this semester I’m required to go to see a few art exhibits. One of them is tonight, and while going over things with Haley about how we should dress I thought I’d go ahead a jot these notes down, since of course I’ll have to go to another one, and I’m sure there are plenty of other students required to attend these functions with no clue about how to dress for this event.

You want to look put together, classy and make a statement with your look. I’ve put together some great examples of appropriate attire to wear to an art exhibit.


Nothing says class like a pencil skirt, I paired this beautiful slate blue pencil with a black shell and a gorgeous garnet blazer. Since  the buttons are a brassy-gold and go down the front, I nixed a necklace and went with a beautiful rose-gold watch and matching sassy heels to add something unique to the look. The rose gold compliments the colors of the slate and garnet perfectly. This is elegant and an easy go-to for any fancy gathering!


A color-blocked dress is a great way to stand out and look really make an impression at an art gallery. The beautiful aqua contrasts with the lime ruffles on the top, accessorized with gold and a citron necklace, this look is sure to wow!


There is nothing more classic than a black and white look, make sure you go with something patterned though, so you don’t look like a cater-waiter. Keep with the classic theme and go for simpler accessories, and black heels. I picked a strappy wedge for the shoe so my nails will add a little color to the mix!


For the last look I put together that’s gallery appropriate I channeled my inner art-geek. Black rimmed glasses with black skinny pants and black wedges really combine with maroon lace and a funky leather-trimmed sweater beautifully. Throwing pearls on anything is the easiest way to class an outfit up and make it look timeless, which is key when attending sophisticated functions like this!

Just remember when you’re dressing for the occasion that you want to convey that you’re someone who appreciates artwork, and should be at the event. Also keep in mind, the artist spent weeks, or often times months, getting their pieces perfect to make the statement they wanted to, out of respect you should at least put a little time and consideration into what you wear to view their artwork!

Leather & Lace,


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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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