Celebrating My Boo.

Today James turns 33, and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the joy he brings me. Cash and I are so fortunate to have him in our lives, and looking forward to celebrating many more years with him.

Last September we were preparing for Cash’s arrival around his birthday, so there wasn’t much celebrating, but he put up with my pregnancy hormones and was the best partner anyone could’ve asked for throughout my entire pregnancy.


October came, and as I went on maternity leave he constantly made me feel valued when I did the most basic household chores. He took me wherever I wanted to go on the weekends, and really made a valiant effort to make the last month of my pregnancy just about me, which was such a treat, and so selfless.


In November we welcomed Cash into our little family of 2,  without James’ support and care after my c-section I don’t know what I would have done, and James became the most caring father I’ve ever seen. Knowing that he plays such an active and present role in raising our son is one of the best things in the world. He’s so creative, so thoughtful, and so in love with our son, it makes my heart glow. We celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a family, and settled into parenthood very happily.





In December we celebrated our first Christmas as a family. It was a joyful occasion, James went above and beyond while gifting, not just for Cash, but also for me, proving again how selfless and loving he truly is. We walked around light festivals and had great times decorating our little home. James is like a kid at Christmas time, but I am too, so it’s great to have someone beside you who can share the same joys.


We celebrated the New Year shortly after, and also our 1 year anniversary. It was pretty much the first time we went baby free for a night, and it was so nice to spend time reconnecting as a couple after the holidays and parenthood grabbed us! We enjoyed champagne and watched the ball drop on TV, to be honest some of our best times are just about relaxing at our house. James has taught me to enjoy the little things more, and that I don’t need to constantly go out to have fun. There’s no one I’d rather sit next to while watching Netflix.



In February James proposed on Valentines Day, making me the happiest girl alive, it’s really not about the wedding or the fanciness of the beautiful ring he gave me, knowing that this man, this wonderful person actually WANTS to spend the rest of his life with me, and I’ve found someone who I feel the exact same way about, that’s the best gift in the world. We took Cash to the Warhol Exhibit at the Dali Museum for his first Valentines Day treat. It was a great day, and a great month as we progressed as parents. James started singing and playing guitar to Cash, who REALLY loves it!


In March for my birthday James took me to the beach for a weekend, something I had been DYING to do since I was about 4 months pregnant . It was a great getaway where we were able to spend time together and not have to focus on the baby. He’s always so thoughtful. We also went to the Oscar Experience at The Tampa Theater, James and I always do little bets on who’ll win during award season, it’s a tradition that I’m really excited about carrying on-btw James if you’re reading this you still owe me a skirt from The Emmys! 😉 – Then at the end of the month we went on a family retreat with his mom, stepdad, baby and brother. We enjoyed being able to have a mini-vacay with our baby! It was such a treat! I’m sure James gets a ton of his awesome traits from his wonderful mother.




April brought baby’s first Easter, and it was such a great time! We hunted eggs at a local church, and divided the day up into halves at each of our families homes. We’re so excited to start new traditions for ourselves in our home. One of them being Easter brunch, with just the three of us!


In May I celebrated my first Mother’s Day as a mom, and it was so special! James took me out to brunch at my favorite place of all time, and surprised me with little things throughout the day. It was the sweetest! Did I mention I’m REALLY lucky to have found him?!


June brought his first Father’s Day, and I wanted to really show him how much he means to Cash and I, so we did a little costume play and totally dressed up as one of Daddy’s favorite wrestlers to make him the coolest present! Everyday he proves over and over how great of a Father he really is, and how much he not only loves Cash, but me too.


July was our first family 4th! We all dressed in our red, white and blue to watch the fireworks at James’ favorite spot in st.pete! It was the cutest little beach park!


August rolled around and he supported my decision to go back to school, he constantly watches Cash while I’m getting schoolwork done, and even gives me breaks here and there when everything gets too overwhelming. He’s constantly reminding me not to be stressed about things that are out of my control, which I’m always guilty of, and everyday no matter if I’m moody or not, he stays positive, always attempts to cheer me up, and puts a smile on my face.


So as we embark on celebrating another year of James’ life, I couldn’t help but to be sweet and real, because those are two things that he always is with me. I see our son look & act more and more like him everyday, that brings so much joy to my heart knowing he’ll grow up to be a wonderful man who’s always doing more for other’s that he does for himself. In the 20 months we’ve been together he’s helped me grow, made me a mother, put a ring on it, and basically have never told me no if I ask nicely for anything. He challenges me, supports me, and means more to me than anyone could ever understand. Even if I don’t show how grateful I am from day to day, today is about celebrating how much you do for our family.



“My Soul 😉 ” & Heck Yeas,


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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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1 Response to Celebrating My Boo.

  1. Julie D says:

    What a lovely and loving tribute! Happy Birthday to James!! So glad you found each other!!

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