First things first… The food..

Today is my first full day day from my mini-vacation and since I have a TON to do and start working on I figured today I would start off with the easiest… The food in Mebane,NC has transformed from minimal choices and tons of fast food to incredible options of all varieties. Addie, my friend up there that I stayed with, has an amazing palate so she took me to new fabulous places downtown that really set Mebane apart from the place it was when I left.
For starters she works at this gourmet coffee shop Reed’s, and their Carmel Macchiato was out of this world.


(photo taken off their website)

My first night there we ate at Mebane Knights, a lounge type Restuarant&Bar that serves amazing cocktails, craft brews, and killer spinach and artichoke dip. My favorite thing about this place is that they actually give you blankets to snuggle up with if you want to sit outside on a chilly night! My favorite thing on the menu: the Templton Manhattan served with an Italian morello cherry. It was delicious and with the snugness of the blanket around me, it easily shook the away the evening chills.


The next day was Autumnfest and I ate slow-cooked BBQ for breakfast AND lunch. After a couple drinks the previous night, I needed something sturdy to soak up the alcohol so I could function and actually help Addie sell her fabulous Calamity Jane’s chalk style paint in her booth. (tomorrows post will go more in depth with her company’s awesomeness) The BBQ was fantastic, one sandwich was from a local, who just makes it for the festivals, it was slow-cooked for over 24 hours and was tangy yet sweet. The other sliders I enjoyed for lunch came from Dick and Jane’s, a tapas and wine bar downtown. Their BBQ sauce was made with an asian influenced zing, and while it wasn’t typical, it was still incredible! After all of our work during the day, we all treated ourselves to a fancy dinner at The Downtown Mebane Table. This place takes gourmet to a whole new level. I ordered dinner and an appetizer. I started off with a Mahi Taco, the mahi was blackened and topped with a great sauce and cabbage slaw, for my entree I ordered the Bone-In Chicken which is served with homemade mashed potatoes, and sautéed spinach. The food tasted so authentic. I cleaned my plate, and then sampled some of Addie’s amazing steak with fresh green beans. Oh that meal was on point!


 (photo from their website, I cleared my plate too fast to get one)

I ended my trip with local staples, while they certainly weren’t gourmet, they were still incredible. La Cocina, is my favorite mexican restaurant of all time. I got a taco, chalupa, and mexican rice combo and finished sunday’s lunch with a fried cheesecake, which is every bit as good and terrible for you as it sounds.


My last local meal was breakfast yesterday morning. Biscuitville is a North Carolina breakfast staple. Their buttermilk biscuits are made fresh each hour, and even though it’s fast food, it’s still finger-licking good. Bacon, egg and cheese was my biscuit of choice, with scrambled eggs instead of fried eggs. That’s right you get to choose how you want your eggs there. Not only that, but we noticed a new lunch menu while we were looking at the menu and guess what your side choices are for lunch? Fried Okra or Fried Pickles. If I’d of stayed any longer I’d of come back having gained all of the weight I’ve been lost by cutting carbs back for sure!


The food on this trip was worth the vacation price tag along, but I had more memories and fun experiences that I can’t WAIT to share soon!

Biscuits and Cornbread,



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2 Responses to First things first… The food..

  1. Lily Powell says:

    I don’t know what I would do without Biscuitville! They have the best fast food breakfast! 🙂

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