It’s only Rock’n’Roll but it feels like love – Grit & Grace


While I was on my trip to North Carolina I had the WONDERFUL pleasure of meeting with Angela Marie DeVincentis, owner of the cutest boutique Grit and Grace. This store, this woman, they’re what’s up. A former Durham police officer, DeVincentis had been making soap on the side and selling it at local flea markets for about 15 years, 4 years ago she started wholesaling her soaps, and from there her business started to bloom. She started working on handcrafting/hammering/and welding wall art and really awesome one-of-a-kind jewelry in her woodshed and presented her work in Art Shows, with children and a full time gig, she was working on 2 hours of sleep for a long time, when it just made sense to take a leap. 1 year ago she made the jump and opened her storefront in downtown Mebane, NC with a photography studio above her, and recently she just moved to her own location a few steps down Clay Street.

Angela, store owner, being all badass and adorable at the same damn time.

Angela, store owner, being all badass and adorable at the same damn time.





Walking into the boutique you automatically just want to own EVERYTHING. Her handmade license plate signs, bent spoon stamped bracelets, and custom designed tee shirts. Her shirt designer, Todd Johnson, has a personality all his own, and such an awesomely positive outlook on the possibilities that lie in the world that really reflect in his designs. Angela’s process for giving him designs, “I tell him I want these words and I want it to look good, and without fail he makes it happen.” Looking at the shirts it’s obvious her designer has talent, since there literally is not one that I don’t need for my life right now. Being that my son is named after Johnny Cash, I’m in complete LOVE with these pieces below!




I always try to shop local when and where I can, and thanks to the internet you don’t need to live in a small town to get these awesome products. She has an online presence and items are available for ordering through Grit and Grace’s Facebook page. You can also email Angela for custom orders for tee shirts, wall art and jewelry! When I asked Angela what advice she’d give to young entrepreneurs she said “Don’t Stop. You’re gonna screw up, no matter how prepared you think you are, take the mistakes, learn from them and grow, but don’t ever stop.” Wise words from a wise woman, I may have a slight girl crush on this talented lady. “We want to raise standards, you don’t just have to throw on something with a famous label to be stylish and cool, you can own who you are and we want our product to celebrate uniqueness and individuality.”  You succeed, for sure, you really do Angela. With items that not only reflect a sense of wit and sarcasm that almost everyone can appreciate, this store is truly a gem, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to sit down with such a talented woman!





I got my own Mebane shirt (I graduated high school in this tiny town) and pretty soon we’ll be giving away this awesome crafted by Angela bracelet!


Go check out Grit&Grace, and fall in love with small town business’ all over again!


Grit&Grace (this one was kind of obvious guys),




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