What the CAPITOL F Florida?!

Results from the election are in, and I am livid. Amendment 2, which for non-Florida residents was the Medical Marijuana amendment, did not pass.



People are going to make jokes about stoners getting high and forgetting to vote yuck it up, but the fact of the matter is 43% of voters said NO. Yes, we would have had a higher percentage if some potheads would have gotten off the couch today, but the REAL problem here is how many people actually said no.


I could go on for hours about how beneficial it is for the economy and how helpful it is in aiding in a laundry list of mental and physical illnesses, but if you cared about the bill you already know those facts, and if you didn’t care about it passing then my words would be falling on deaf ears.

I just want to say a few words to get this anger off of my chest. I have personally seen the benefits of marijuana use in a medicinal way with people very very close to me. These people have families, they’ve tried their legal options and wandered through their days like zombies, not really feeling emotion, not experiencing any real relief from their ailments, and most importantly not being able to actually be WHO THEY ARE because of the legal medications that doctors prescribed to them. Going off the meds for these people was just as bad because they experienced withdrawals, and their bodies became so dependent on the chemicals to regulate hormones that it took weeks and in some cases months for them to actually regulate themselves from taking prescription medications. Self-medicating with marijuana was a last resort that many of them found to be a cure-all. These people aren’t “stoners” they don’t smoke weed all day and play video games while eating pizza like some ignorant people would assume. They have families, careers, and lead extremely active lifestyles, that have been enhanced by switching from prescription pills to marijuana used in a medicinal way.



Now, these people who are very close to me aren’t NECESSARILY affected by the bill not passing, they’ve been self-medicating for a while and know the how, when and where’s. What sucks about the bill not passing is that they still can’t medicate themselves safely, they still have to continue to worry about getting caught, and if they do get caught they’ll loose their livelihood, their families, and have to deal with the courts.


I’m angry because IT’S NOT FAIR. These people that voted no took away their hope of being able to treat their bodies the proper way, for what? Because they didn’t educate themselves enough? Because they “heard some story from a friend of a friend whose brother smoked weed and tried to do x, y & z crazy thing”?  It’s not fair that these people who voted no are able to smoke cigarettes in a park around my child, they are able to drink and get into cars and drive and endanger my family, they are able to sit in the comfort of their home and fill their bellies up full of GMO’s and give GMO’s to their children even, yet the people close to me can’t legally eat a medicinal brownie so they don’t have a panic attacks every other hour? I’m angry because some miseducated fool is actually able to make decisions regarding the health care of other. Someone thinks so highly of themselves that they feel they have a right to actually deny someone a medical treatment. WHO DOES THAT? Who literally looked at Amendment 2 and said “I don’t need it, that’s what Doctors prescribe pills for, so if I don’t need it then I’m sure no one else in this state does.” Great Logic. Just Great. You’ll keep pfizer running til we’re all dead won’t you?



In ways for me it’s not just about how the results of the election were, it’s about the fact that medical marijuana is still something we HAVE to rely on voters to say yes to. Why doesn’t the federal government take positive action so that states don’t have to depend on people to vote yes? Why with all of our President’s Healthcare initiatives, has he not ONCE talked about the many benefits of medical marijuana? Why hasn’t HE personally taken a stand to no longer see families suffer in pain? Why when Pfizer can release basically ANY drug once they pay the FDA enough to approve it, with a mile long list of harmful side effects, is weed something that HAS to be voted on? Why can’t it just BE legal? I know it has something to do with huge pharma companies paying off lobbyists, but that’s a whole other boat that I can’t get in right now.  Sometimes I blog to vent. Thanks for reading, and if you voted No, could you please leave a comment with a legitimate reason why, because I’d really like to be able to wrap my mind around this…


I’ll end with some very wise words from my aunt Carrie of Huppie Mama

“For those of you who either voted against Amendment 2 or just didn’t vote at all, take a moment to recognize how fortunate you are to be able to make decisions regarding the health of others. Take a moment to thank whoever or whatever you believe in that you have healthy children who don’t need this medication to survive. That everyone around you is in such great health, you’ve decided not to help those who watch their children suffer in pain every day, hoping to find a way to treat whatever illnesses they may have. 

Because you know what? Life changes. And you may wake up one day to a child who is a near-drown victim or who suffered brain or spinal cord damage and may benefit from this treatment. It’s quite unfortunate you decided in advance you would never need it.”

The good news is, the movement won’t stop, we may have gotten a NO this time, but it WILL be passed next time, we’re only getting started!

Dazed and Confused,


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