Where the Wild Things are- Cash’s 1st Birthday.

My sweet little baby boy turned 1 on Saturday! I can’t believe how much he’s grown and how big he gets everyday! Everyday he adds more joy to my life than I could ever imagine having. He’s carefree, wild, crazy, funny, curious and above all else the sweetest baby, which was why I felt a Where The Wild Things are themed party was the perfect concept to celebrate his first year of life! We hosted the party on a gorgeous November day outside under a Banyan Tree (the invitation said Willow, my tree-identifying lesson came at the party), it provided the perfect setting with it’s hanging branches and dangling vines!


To decorate for the party we brought a lot of stuff we used to decorate Cash’s nursery to begin with. We used his navy Ikat printed canvas rug, which we were able to throw in the washer and dryer after the party so it was a hassle-free clean up from the cake smash! I brought his reading teepee from home, as well as a copy of Where The Wild Things Are so his younger guests could read the story to themselves if they wanted.


We had fun playing with sidewalk chalk, even my older cousin got in on the creative play!


For Cash and his fellow young guests, I set up a Make Your Own Wild Thing  puppet station, with pre-cut yellow eyes, googly-eyes stickers, brown paper lunch sacks, markers, and other pre-cut shapes of construction paper.


Cash’s grandmother (James’ Mom Katie) made him the most adorable King Max costume, so Cash could really be King of All Wild Things!


Cash was blessed with SO many presents! He wasn’t too into opening them, but he LOVED playing with them when Daddy and I got them all set up at home afterwards! Our playroom is SO full now!


Publix did an awesome job on his birthday cake, and his smash cake was complimentary! I was awed by how they were able make the smash cake coordinate with the sheet cake!


At the end of it all I can’t believe how much he’s grown, and how fortunate we are to be able to make memories like this one with Cash. I know he won’t remember this party, but it’s one that I will never forget. And every year that he gets older I will tell him how “I remember when you were just turning one and how much fun you had at your first party, and how you just wanted to eat dirt instead of cake.”!




Stay Wild,


About britaknee

I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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