Merry & Bright. Inexpensive Christmas Decor Ideas.

I can’t explain how much I LOVE Christmas. I really let my inner child go nuts around this time of the year, and Christmas decorating is one of the ways I do so. Now, I realize these decorations will only be up for a little over a month in my home, so I don’t see a lot of point in spending a ton of money on decorations. Last year my mother gave us a nice 7 ft. fake tree, and then we probably spent about $20 at the Dollar Tree as well as $30 at Wal-Mart getting ornaments, lights and other decor. Since we had a new baby last year, it was hard to get to sales or really get out of the house much, so our tree and few countertop decorations were fine with me then. This year though I really wanted to make our house feel magical for Cash. While I do have some decor in various places throughout my house, my officially titled “Christmas Room” is my favorite place to be this holiday season.

I spent about another $30 on Holiday decorations this year between Target, Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree, and I figure hopefully I’ll be able to grab lots of stuff when it goes on sale after Christmas this year, to make my home extraordinary next year!

The Christmas Room


As you can see there are no decorations on the bottom portion of my tree, Cash thought those ornaments were over kill and he quickly removed them for me.

I love how bright blues contrast with reds and while it’s not a typical Christmas color combination, the teal end table really helps the reds to pop and make the room even more “Winter-Wonderland-y”

For the ceiling I found this candy cane striped ribbon, and these awesome glitter reindeer ornaments at the dollar store. I bought 2 spools of ribbon, and 2 (sets of 2) reindeer ornaments totaling $4 for this craft! I tied the ornaments to a variety of different ribbon lengths then simply pushed a thumb tack through the ribbon and the ceiling, and they hang making the room so fun! I also got red, green and gold thick garland ($3 total)  and pinned it into places on the ceiling, which added that extra fun glisten on the roof!


I found these awesome little pails decorated for the holidays at the One Spot in Target. I got 2 for $2, then also picked up this felt tree for $1 as well. I put this little arrangement on my table in the room. Cash loves to dance with this Santa who sings that we “won” last year at a White Elephant gift exchange. Then in the kitchen I filled a clear flower vase with a sleeve of ornaments I got at the Dollar Tree ($2 for 24), and used Cash’s sidewalk chalk to color on this fun countertop easel I found at Michael’s for $3!



Outside we hung a beautiful wreath and put some bright multi-colored lights around our front windows


A fun way to make it feel more like winter in Florida, or to make it feel more holiday-ish in your home if you don’t have a fireplace, is to download the free HD Fireplace app and set your tablet up in a little nook! This little cut-out in my end table was the perfect place for a faux-fire! The app even allows you to pic different strengths of fire, while you play Christmas music or listen to fireplace crackling sounds!


Another tip is to find items you have around the house and think of creative ways to make them holiday-themed. We took this chalkboard in Cash’s room and made it a Christmas decoration simply be using some sidewalk chalk and making a bow out of wired ribbon (Dollar Tree $1).


I’m really happy with the way our Christmas room turned out! I plan on slowly but surely continuing to check for sales and adding new items to my holiday decor collection each year so that by the time Cash is older our house is Christmas central! For now this is definitely my favorite room in the house! I love how retro, yet modern it looks! Perfectly Clark Family style! Don’t be afraid to pop some pastels in with your traditional red, gold and green either! I found an adorable pink fleece blanket for $3 at Big Lots with such fun retro green and red trees on it. While it is pink it doesn’t look overly girly, or out of place which makes it another great and affordable addition to my holiday decorations!



Santa Claus is Comin’ to town!


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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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