Just Another Mani Monday

I received a sheet of Jamberry nail wraps complimentary for review purposes, the opinions stated are honest, unbiased and provided without compensation. 

  Part of my New Year’s Resolution was to paint my nails every Monday. While I have been doing it for the most part, it gets a little annoying having to remove the previous nail polish, paint carefully, and then sit still (while nearly everything starts to itch for some reason) while my nails dry. So when I came across a Jamberry representative in my Instagram news feed, I HAD to reach out!

Jamberry nail wraps are simple, work fast, don’t chip, and last for up to 2 weeks! Which is awesome for moms like me, who constantly have half-chipped manicures that they can’t find time to refresh with the kids always running around. You simply heat the back of the wrap, apply it to your nail, cut the excess off, file down the remaining edges, and reheat the edges to seal them!

I got the “Cup of Tea” set to wear with pink or red polish for a fun spring manicure!

cupofteaThese are so cute!! I love the floral mixed with the polka dots! It’s such a fun pattern-on-pattern for your nails!

I loved them so much I actually decided to host a Jamberry online party to get some rewards on purchasing some nail wraps! Right now they’re offering a Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal! Join the party here: Brittany’s Jamberry Party. I went ahead and made my wish list! Here are some of my favs:



Perfect for a casual manicure, it’s a “dressed up Jeans and Tee shirt” wrap.


Marsala Stripe

This is a wrap that could be dressed up or down, depending on what you wear with it. I love the idea of using this wrap on some nails and a floral wrap on others for a polished, fashion forward, manicure!


Icy Boysenberry Polka

This would be a great compliment to the marsala stripe if you wanted to do a different wrap on every nail type manicure. I love how the shimmer of the polka dots contrasts with the richness of the boysenberry color on this wrap!


Pickled Paisley

While this isn’t a wrap I would do on my entire hand, I love the punch of color it would provide as an accent nail with a mint manicure! I think I’ll need this for Easter most definitely!



This wrap would be a great compliment to the Pickled Paisley wrap! The colors in this are so juicy and fun, perfect for Spring and Summer!


Sweet Symphony

I don’t even feel like this one needs an explanation, it’s just so PERFECT!


Lost Ruins

This is such a wonderful simple pattern. It’s a clear wrap, meaning there’s no color behind it, but that just makes it SO much better! You could pair it with any jewel tone (I’m thinking fuchsia or teal) and it would stand out amazingly and be SO cute!

…and last but not least…


Sheet Music

This paired with a few red nails would look fabulous and classy! It would make a great untypical Valentine’s Day manicure!

Ok, I think I’m done raving about these nail wraps! Check out the website and see which ones are your favorite! Each sheet is only $15 (less than you’d pay for a manicure in a salon), and comes with enough wraps for all your fingers and toes! I like to use the wraps in conjunction with solid polish to make the wraps last longer!

Also feel free to connect with my new friend and Jamberry representative Kim on Facebook!

Stripes & Sheet Music,


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