Winter White in the Florida Sun


It’s very difficult for me to find a jean that fits me perfectly being that I am only 4’10” and curvier than an average chick. Finding jeans that don’t give me “muffin top” is hard enough, but to add to that I also have to find jeans that aren’t an entire foot too long, it’s a damn near impossible task.


While shopping at Old Navy last week I found my unicorn. I was in search of white denim because it’s going to be a must have for the upcoming Spring and Summer season, and Old Navy had some that were so soft on sale for $30! I thought to myself, “these look perfect, but I bet they won’t have my size”. However after only digging through 2 piles of denim under the display table I was able to find my size in SHORT length. I quickly ran them to the register without even trying them on, afraid I would drop them and someone would steal my unicorn.


When I got home I was a little skeptical, I thought for sure they wouldn’t fit right, even as I was trying them on, and buttoning them without having to lay on the bed. I zipped them up and sure enough! They were perfect! Such a wonderful fit! All short curvy girls our denim is here!! HOORAH! They are the Rockstar Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans and they are the most amazing fit ever!


No muffin top! No elephant ankles! Just perfect denim made to accentuate our assets, and hide our troubled areas! I love a denim on denim look always, and the contrast in these denims is simply perfect for a fun casual look! I threw on my super sassy red peep-toe flats from H&M, and grabbed my red cardigan before heading out the door in this super cute and stylish outfit of the day!


I kept my make-up simple, while part of me did want to do a red-lip, I felt it would have just looked too obvious with the red shoes and cardigans, and I hate for anything to seem too predictable in my ensembles!



If you have trouble finding the right jean for your body type, I definitely recommend trying on a pair of Rockstar Super Skinny’s at Old Navy, they claim to be perfect for every body type and after my experience I totally believe it!


Rockstar Denim,


About britaknee

I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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1 Response to Winter White in the Florida Sun

  1. Rebekah says:

    Loving the red accents!

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