Wear what you’re “mint” to!


Old Navy has really surprised me this season, and pretty much become my go-to store for great fits. Yesterday I was obsessing over their skinny jeans, and now I’ve moved on to this awesome high-waited flowy skirt I picked up there on the same day. I’m going back to slowly buy every color of Super Skinnys they have, and this skirt in different patterns and colors has also been added to my must-have for Spring&Summer!


From a distance the skirt looks like it’s Navy with White Polka Dots, but when you look a little closer, you’ll find that they aren’t white polka dots, they are white sunbursts, just a subtle difference, but it allows you to get more funky with your outfit planning.

While this skirt can really look great with ANY solid colored top, I chose to brighten up the skirt with a mint crew neck sweater from H&M ($10), and a really awesome coral&lavender statement necklace which I found for $5 at Walmart (I was beyond stunned to see this piece there, especially for such a great deal!).


I really like how the looks is very polished and “pretty” without being super frilly or “adorable”, the necklace really maintains a fashion forward edge even if it looks like I’m wearing polka dots, and the contrast of the coral with the mint is so fun for the season! I just threw on basic patent-leather nude flats and went on my merry way with my hair scooped up out of my face.


The skirt is certainly long enough to keep me covered, and since it starts at the smallest part of my body and has little pleats throughout, it does a wonderful job of concealing my troubled areas, and keeping me comfortable AND confident! I now own the skirt in solid yellow, and white/coral floral print as well! When you find something that makes you feel good, look good, and can be worn for multiples occasions, you grab it in every color…


On my shopping date day with my grandmother, we used some $10 of $25 purchase coupons at Macys to score big with some jewelry sales! I grabbed these 2 BCBG bracelets (plus 2 more to set aside for upcoming bday gifts) and spent less than $20! The one that says “JAMES A” on it can be changed to spell out basically anything, and I really love having a constant reminder to “stay positive” on my wrist!


This is such a fun look for spring! I’m really excited to wear this skirt in so many different ways too! It’s great for a date day, or with heels and a lacy top at a semi-formal event! Soooo many different options!!!! I picked a pop of red for my lips because this time red lips are unexpected and red provides such a wonderful compliment to coral in the necklace, as well as a beautiful contrast with the mint on the sweater!


Mint & Sunbursts,


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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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