Wake-Up Your Mornings- Eye Brightening 101

I received NYC Big Bold eyeliner & mascara complimentary for review purposes from Influenster.com, the opinions stated are honest, unbiased and provided without compensation.


As a mom, when it comes to waking up in the morning and getting the day started, my philosophy is more along the lines of “fake it til you make it”. I get out of bed reluctantly, grab cash, get coffee started before I change him and make his breakfast, and sip on that while he enjoys his eggs. Now I’m not complaining about the awesome moments I get to share with my baby boy every single morning, I know that I’m truly blessed. However, there is not at one point in that entire morning routine where I don’t feel sleepy and foggy.

I wanted to change that so I started setting an alarm for myself. While Cash typically wakes up between 8:30-9am, I set my alarm for 8, giving me some “me time” before he wakes up each morning. I figured if I had to “fake it til I make” then the best way to fake being a functioning person would be to make myself actually look like one! That’s when I found a quick routine that has totally changed my mornings and makes me feel like I can conquer the world each day! While it does involve coffee, the biggest way I’ve found that wakes me up is making my face look awake!


ALMOST awake after concealer and foundation!

ALMOST awake after concealer and foundation!

As soon as I wake up now I start a 10 minute morning face routine that has totally rejuvenated my mornings! I think spending just a little time on yourself each day is so important, and that can reflect in the way you feel about yourself for the duration of the day!

First I wash my face with an apricot scrub, and apply a small amount of Amazingly Beautiful AM Moisturizer .

Then I apply a small amount of liquid foundation to make face, and dust it off with some finishing powder. I don’t like to spend too much time on any part of my face other than my eyes, those are what makes us look really refreshed!

After that, I apply some brightening cream into the inner corner of my eyes, underneath my eyes, and under the top of each eyebrow. While you can just simply use concealer, I like to use a beige cream with pink tones and lots of shimmer to it, to really brighten the eye. Plus, since I have green eyes, the contrast with the pink makes my eye color really pop!


I dust on a fun colored bright eyeshadow

Then apply a line of NYC Big, Bold and Precise Liquid Eyeliner. This is a think exact liquid eyeliner pen, perfect for making extreme lines with little effort. I always line the lid and draw upwards at the outer crease. This opens up the eye for an extremely awesome, bold make-up statement that will add some exciting jazziness to your morning.FullSizeRender

To finish off an awesome eye brightening look, I use 3-4 coats of NYC Big, Bold Angel Lash mascara. It adds such great definition and length to your lash line! The perfect finishing touch on a wonderful easy eye opening look!



Since it is just the morning, I typically finish off my make-up routine with a simple tinted lip balm. It sounds so silly, but you won’t believe the difference it makes to come out of the bathroom in the morning and enjoy my coffee sans baby with my make-up already done! Sometimes I’m even lucky enough to have breakfast already made for Cash when he wakes up!


What would you do with some extra time in the mornings to make you feel better about your day?!

Big Lashes&Love,


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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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2 Responses to Wake-Up Your Mornings- Eye Brightening 101

  1. Adele says:

    I love those days when I wake up earlier than Amelia and get ready, and I feel like an amazing mom when I have breakfast ready for her before she wakes up. I love your quick yet effective morning routine.

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