For the Love of Disney! Our #disneyside @homecelebration!

In January I got news that I was selected by MomSelect to host an exciting party full of Disney fun!!! The MomSelect team put together these great packages full of pixie dust with all the ingredients to host an amazing celebration centered around a Disney theme! We got a general Mickey/Minnie theme, and I thought since Valentine’s Day was quickly approaching at the time, a Love&Disney party would be wonderful!


It’s so much fun to watch Cash play with other kids around his age, so I sent out some invitations to family and close friends with kids to make sure we had a good amount of guests for more fun! I set up a huge food table, because let’s face it, that’s really the most important part of a party. I really like to keep our family diet free of GMOs and tons of sugars, so I wanted our snack table to reflect that.

Earth’s Best sent some delicious kid-friendly organic snacks for the little ones. Cash loves all the flavors, and I love that he’s eating non-GMO healthy food that provides him with tons of nutrition.


I set up some fruit and veggie trays for the adults and CrunchPak provided us with these awesome Mickey shaped healthy fresh fruit&veggie packs for the kids!


Who doesn’t love pizza? Right??! So, for the kids and adults I made these delicious little mini-pizzas with Mickey mouse heads made of pepperoni’s using some delicious Kontos cocktail flatbreads! These things were gobbled up extremely quickly! I didn’t even get to try one before they were all gone! I simply made some pizza sauce in a food processor (tomato paste, fresh roma tomato, basil, garlic and EVOO), spread a dab on each flatbread, then covered with cheese and pepperoni’s!


Instead of boring potato chips, I opted for healthier snacks for the adults from Kay’s Naturals. These are really awesome and deliciously flavored snacks (Honey Mustard Pretzels, Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips, etc.) that are low on the glycemic index, some are completely gluten free, with low-carbs and extremely high in protein! They are the best treats for adult snacking, without all the empty calories!


As a final treat I made a Mickey Mouse cake, using the cake pan that came in my party kit! This was our indulgent snack as it was full of sugar with both cream cheese AND chocolate frostings! It was well worth the calorie splurge!


After everyone got settled, we played some really fun games also provided by Disney! Disney Bingo was definitely the parents favorite, and while we HAD a pin-the-mouth on Mickey game, most of the kids were still too young to really understand how to play, so the parents had to chip in to help their kids win! It was so funny blindfolding and spinning my sister-in-law as she tried to win her little girls a toy!!



We also had a lot of fun outside at our party too! I set up some sidewalk chalk photo-ops for mommy and me time! While the kiddos weren’t as cooperative as the kids featured in the Pinterest post I saw this idea on, it still turned out to be super fun and cute!!





We all had such a good time! I wanted to give each of the kids and moms something to take with them so they could remember this special occasion! While I did receive some really cool stuff in my box to include, like Disney Princess Nail polish and Micky Mouse Tattoos,  I found LOTS of stuff for basically no cost at all between the One Spot at Target and Dollar Tree to fill goody bags with! These were awesome, and since we had a lot of people cancel, each little kid at our party got to walk home with 2!! It was so fun seeing the kids all excited and going through their bags! All my mommy’s there also LOVED their treat totes, which were just filled with chocolate and princess polish as well!



Mommy Treat Totes!



I just mixed Valentine’s Day decor I already owned with the Disney stuff that was sent to me to create a really fun decorated atmosphere for the party. We all had such a great time I’m thinking we’ll have to host another kids party soon!!!

My beautiful niece Hayden!

My beautiful niece Hayden!

Cash and cousin Marley!

Cash and cousin Marley!


How do you and your family show your #disneyside?!?!

Mouse Ears & Minnie Bows,




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