Best Baby Shoppes 2015

I received some of these items complementary for review purposes, the opinions stated are honest, unbiased and provided without compensation.

When I found out I was having a baby boy I have to admit I was slightly disappointed. Not because I specifically wanted a girl, but because going shopping for a baby girl is SO much easier than shopping for a boy. Walk through any store and their baby girl section is always 50-75% larger than their selection for boys, and it was super frustrating as a fashionable mom to just buy basic $10 band tee shirts and jeans for my sweet baby boy. He’s got more personality than that Beetles tee!


Enter gender-neutral clothing, and not the yellow/sage things you’re thinking of.  I’m talking REAL gender-neutral clothing, clothing that is adorable and can be adorable on either a baby boy or a baby girl, REAL clothing that you look at and think “oh I wish they made that in my size”, that’s how I like to dress Cash, baby leggings in fun patterns, infinity scarfs, bandana bibs, ironic tee-shirts, this is how the cool kids dress and here is where I find these awesome threads!


Baby Moccasins are what is up, if you want your baby to look on-point and on-trend grab a few pairs of baby moccs. Cash has them in mustard, red, sage, and a beautiful shiny black (Magic is the color name). The benefit of these shoes is that they are soft-soled, so they are great for developing babies just starting to walk or crawl, and you can size up so they last a lot longer than a typical shoe! While you can find them in a variety of places for a wide range of prices, I’ve found the BEST place to buy baby moccasins is from Rad Moccs, the quality in their shoes simply does not compare with any other moccasin brand I have purchased before. They use real leather, and come in such fashionable styles. Take for example LoubiMoccs, as adorable as they sound for sure, simple black moccasins with red soles, made to mimic moms Louboutins!


Accessories make the outfit, while I realize that they may not be a priority when you’re struggling to get yourself out of bed and ready for the day with a little one, if you’re really wanting to “complete the look” for your kid as well, don’t forget to include some awesome accessories for your little ones. I love to shop on ZigZag Designs for baby bibdanas, hats, and scarves for my baby boy! I also love that she makes them so easy to put on to your little ones, everything is either done via velcro, or it’s large enough to just slide over your little ones head! Hassle free accessories are absolutely the best!


Baby leggings are really my absolute favorite thing! They look awesome with basically anything and everything, are wonderful for any season, and they last for a really long time! It’s really difficult for me to pick just ONE favorite shop for baby leggings so I’m giving you my top three! Ashes Ashes Designs, Young at Heart Co., and Chamomile and Roses are the best places to provide your little one with the funnest patterned leggings all year round!


Last but not least, your little one needs some graphic tees, and with lyrics from Beyonce and Taylor Swift, Little Macks is hands down the best shop to grab some great tees for your stylish kid! Above Cash is pictured wearing their “Hella Good Hair” shirt (you know the line in Shake It Off  “to the fella over there with the hella good hair“). I can’t get over how soft these shirts are! They wash really well, and go great with basically everything! Plus at this age, these shirts will fit Cash for another 9-12 months!


I love all these shops so much and I’m very excited to be sharing them with you all! Again, all these shops are wonderful at creating unique personal looks for your little ones! Get your baby shop on!

I woke up like this,



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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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2 Responses to Best Baby Shoppes 2015

  1. supernerdmom says:

    Wow he is beautiful and has amazing style! I love the outfit with the star pants. He looks so rock star. Also the picture with the hella good hair shirt is so rock-star-just-woke-up. Those are some amazing outfits you have put together!

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