The Importance of Welcoming New Neighbors


I’ve always thought I was supposed to be born in the 1950’s. Aside from the amazing fashion, I love baking and sharing my own recipes that I invented in the kitchen! I love the simple act of sharing who I am with people, and showing them that I care in different ways.


James and I live in a duplex, we have the entire upper floor, and the bottom unit has been under construction/on the rental market since we moved in, and we haven’t had anyone live underneath us! Last weekend our new neighbors moved in, and while I haven’t seen much of them, I wanted to do something special to introduce our family to them, and let them know we’re all going to have a great time sharing the same building!


I think welcoming new neighbors is something we as a generation have lost touch with. Everyone is so involved in their current lives, that we forget to stop and appreciate those who are around us but not directly effecting our lives. Welcoming new neighbors with a simple gesture of kindness can go MILES in creating a good neighborly relationship. Think down the road if you have volume control issues, plan on going out of town, or will ever need to borrow a cup of sugar… having a well-established positive relationship with the people who surround you is key to living peacefully!


I didn’t spend very much (around $10 for everything including baking supplies), and I created a cute little basket filled with goodies anyone would enjoy! I got a great Glade scented oil candle in a fun spring pink, some Reese’s Eggs because they are a classic and cute seasonal candy, and I made blueberry muffins from scratch as well as chocolate chip, and sugar cookies. Since I’m currently growing some vegetables and herbs outside, I also included some wildflowers in a mini-pot, to “plant the seed” of creating a garden with my new neighbor 🙂


When my neighbors got the basket, they were so surprised and delighted at all the stuff inside! It’s so nice to have someone really genuinely appreciate something that they weren’t expecting at all. Those warm fuzzies trigger you to want to give more, and when we’re doing more for others, we’re also making the world a better place.


Won’t You Be, Won’t You Be, Won’t you be my Neighbor,


About britaknee

I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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