Easter Crafting & Decor – Giveaway Post!!!

I really love making things with Cash, and watching him while he explores and creates. Last year he was so small and it was his first Easter ever, so we just made some cute Carrots out of his footprints . They turned out really adorable, I made a set for each of the Grandparents, and they totally loved them so much I decided to make something fun this year for them too!


This year since Cash is a bit older and more aware of what’s going on, I wanted to let him really play around in the paint, so I simply cut out an decorative egg ‘stencil’ from a piece of cardstock, and taped in onto another piece of cardstock, then just applied small dots of  non-toxic fingerpaint in fun spring colors to each paper, and put it all out on a washable blanket for Cash to explore and play.


Honestly the first thing he did was stand up and then sit right back down in the middle of all the paint papers, it was so funny! He then proceeded to repeat the cycle of getting up and sitting back down in the squishy paint several times, before finishing his masterpieces by walking all over them. Not quite the finger-painting craft I had envisioned, but such a fun memory, and while the paint did leak through my makeshift “stencils” I still love the cuteness of these painted eggs!


After allowing to dry for a few hours, I peeled off the “stencil” to reveal a cute, only semi-messy tie-dyed looking Easter Egg!  I set mine on display in the living room in a great wooden serving tray with a heart full of jellybeans, a Robin’s Egg Blue tart burner, an adorable vintage floral placemat and a cute inspirational sign! I love this little display, and I love that I can look at this and laugh at the memory of how much fun Cash and I had playing in the paint!


I love having small touches of seasonal decor throughout my home, it just makes me feel more festive! This serving tray is so much fun, it’s so cute, was super easy to assemble, and very affordable! This is just a basic wooden serving tray which you can find at a craft store for around $10, the tart burner, jellybeans and glass heart came from the Dollar Tree, and to add a special spring touch I added this adorable floral paper placemat.


These placemats come in a huge book so you can alternate them in any home space! The “From The Garden” Book of Botanical Paper Placemats can be found anywhere you’d buy a book, and is only $14.99 for 48 placemats!! However you can win it here now!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This Beautiful Botanical Paper Placemats Giveaway will run until midnight Sat. April 4, 2015! I love using these to brighten up meal time, and obviously for decorations! They are so cute and unique!





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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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3 Responses to Easter Crafting & Decor – Giveaway Post!!!

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  2. Adele says:

    What a cute project! I feel the same way with Amelia, it is really fun to involve her in the Easter festivities. Tomorrow we are going to decorate sugar cookies! I enter into the giveaway!

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