Eye on Fashion 2k15


As a fashion blogger, fashion events are the most exciting events to attend. Everyone is always dressed their absolute best, the air is filled with excitement and positivity, and people are specifically there to make connections, which makes mingling and new conversations much easier than most other events! I love the many different ways you can draw inspiration from these events. From people’s attire, and fashion presentations, to the designers lines and ensembles, fresh and fun attire can be seen from corner to corner, and that inspires such a strong level of creativity in myself!


This weekend I have the pleasure of attending several fashion events, and I literally can not wait! Tomorrow starts the highly anticipated Eye on Fashion (EOF) movement with the Mens Collection runway presentation. This runway presentation will take place starting at 8:00pm with a pre-show reception before and after-show mixer! I’m so excited to attend! Even though as a woman I don’t literally WEAR Mens Collections, I still get very inspired style-wise by them! Bowties with a tuxedo jacket and tulle skirt? Yes, as a woman even a Mens Collection can definitely prove inspiring.


Friday evening EOF¬†will be presenting a fashion stylist competition, featuring three fashion bloggers from the Tampa Bay area. This competition will highlight the important role that fashion stylists play in the fashion community. As a personal stylist, I love the concept of bringing the stylists out of the shadows and into the light. Not everyone is born with a killer sense of style, and fashion stylists help make the world a more beautiful place, while instilling a strong sense of self-confidence and fashion education in all of their clients. This event will be so much fun to watch and so interesting to see how other stylists select pieces for clients they haven’t previously met!


The events all wrap up with the biggest one of all on Saturday at the Bloggers Ball where I’m sure to meet several of personal influencers of my own! This event is the one I’m the most excited for, as I love socializing with other bloggers. This is an industry full of some of the most passionate people in the world, meeting so many other people who share the same passions I do, is such a great time for me!

If you don’t have any plans this weekend be sure to check out some of these fun events! Fashion knowledge isn’t necessary, as it’s sure to be an exciting educating experience for everyone in attendance, especially those looking to gain insight into the fashion world! Grab your last minute tickets here on EventBrite!

Runways & Bling,


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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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