One Liptastic Summer.

Kylie Jenner has made a name for herself because she has a make-up artist who knows all about contouring the lips. I personally, don’t find that particular make-up trend very “en vogue”, because it typically only brings one thing to a mans mind, and I’m not about objectification, but hey, that’s just me. . . I do however love to pump up my lip game in the summer. I find some of the best, brightest and punchiest colors around, layer them with balms and glosses and feel so bright during the dog days. While reading around, I invited some of my blogging colleges to weigh-in on what they also love this summer. Here’s the insider scoop, without the pout or numbness 😉


While I can’t pick out just one favorite for summer, I can beyond a shadow of a doubt say I have a top 3 for go to summerliciousness. “LOVE IT” from Victoria’s Secret’s line Beauty Rush is a fabulous slightly tinted gloss that has a slight lip plumper in it, making your lips extra kissable, and super soft! My second go-to is Love&Beauty’s Mega Color Stick in “Bashful”, it’s a lip crayon, which works really well for long lasting color, but since I’m a gloss girl at heart, I always layer this one with Beauty Rush’s “Strawberry Fizz”, which provides incomparable shine (hello tiny glitter flecks), and tastes amazing!


My friend Adele, who blogs at ADELEMAMABROWN let me in on her summer favorite as well.
“Moisturized lips are so important! So, when date night comes, a fun event, or even just around the house, you can wear your vibrant colors flawlessly! My favorite go-to summer color is Milani’s Hot Pink Rage. It is the perfect pop of color! Be brave and wear a bright color you would normally never wear!”Adele Brown

I think she nailed these bright and bold summer pink!


A lip product junkie like myself Melissa of The Eyes of A Boy also shared her favorite with us. She loves Dior Addict Lip Glow in 004 Coral. She looks fantastic! The color is light and pops with darker hair in such a fantastically fun way!


Summer just wouldn’t be the same for us ladies without these juicy lip must-haves. I also have a few other beauty favs for summer that I can’t live without, Not Your Mama’s Sea Salt Spray (UO $8), Brightly Colored Beaded Necklaces, perfect for those fashionable long walks on the beach (Francesca’s Collections $28), Sinful Colors Nail Color in “Nice to Mint You” (Target, $8) and basically any color of Rimmell Londons Showoff Lip Lacquer (most drug stores $6).


All of these items keep me fresh and polished throughout the summer months, and I’ve already started abusing them! What are your must-haves for summer? Share them here!

Waves & Wonders,


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