Be Free. How to Dress like a Hippie 101


My style is honestly bi-polar. I can never commit to one particular way of dressing. Some days I love a pencil skirt and button down, while others I prefer cozy leggings, boots & a tunic. I don’t mind this, it’s certainly fun to dress up in different character ensembles every day, and my closet has all the means to do so. One of my favorite ways to dress is like a hippie, hipster, whatever you want to call people who attend 5 day music festivals in the middle of a grass field. That’s how I like to look on my really casual days off. Here I’ve assembled my “hippie basics” to ensure everyone is able to recreate a perfect festival or hipster ensemble.


  1. High-Waisted Denim Cut-Offs. These are from American Eagle entitled “The Festival Shortie”, for the specific reason that girls who flock to festivals love these shorts so much. I like that they come up higher on the waist, which is very figure-flattering for a short stumpy mom-bod like myself. They aren’t incredibly short either, which is nice for my not-so-slender thighs. All in all, the shorts elongate my legs, while giving my body proper visual balance, and being easy to throw on in a hurry!
  2. Breezy Peasant Top. I’m 100% sure the peasant top was created by a hippie, and so it must stand that this is THE go-to blouse type to perfectly combine with your cut-offs for a true peacemakers outfit. The neckline is a little on the lower cut end, so it nicely enhances my womanly nature. This blouse also is looser around my mid-section, allowing me to easily conceal my remaining baby belly, while not tenting the area! This top is available at Forever 21
  3. Lots of Beaded Bracelets. The more the better, and the more hand-made they look the better as well! Remember those Friendship Bracelets you made with your cousins in 3rd grade? If you still have them pile them on! You want to give the appearance of being ultra crafty, down to earth, and that you’re EVERYONES BFF! I found some that are almost as awesome as the ones 8 yo Brittany made at Express.
  4. A Bejeweled Headband. No Gypsy spirit is complete without a fabulous headband, worn over the hair, as opposed to under like “The Man” wants you too. I picked mine up at The Limited, and I love all the different ways I can wear it to dress up an up-do or a ponytail, but I specifically love how bohemian it looks like this!


There you have it! How to dress like a hippie in 4 easy steps! Now go forth, follow rainbows and dance like no one’s watching!


Not all who wander are lost,


About britaknee

I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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