My name’s Brittany and I already love you, I honestly love everything really: glitter, sunshine, pink, the letters PBR ;), cowgirl boots, diamonds, tulle, my fiancé, and above all else my son Cash Tillman (11/08/13 <3). Life is fun, I worked in Fashion Retail Management for close to 5 years before I had my son, and while the retail part wasn’t always awesome, I do throughly love styling, it’s my biggest passion. I love being able to completely make a woman feel confident with who she is just by what she’s wearing! I also love learning how to make things in the kitchen and for the home, and love planning fun events. Life isn’t always easy, but it’s always easy to love living. For bushiness inquiries please email me at bngraham@outlook.com!





3 Responses to About

  1. I’m so glad you read my blog on Lakeland so I could find yours. I can’t wait to buy some of your Dirty South fashion line! Be sure and include some stuff for 50 year old white trash, ya hear!

  2. Hey Brittany, it was great meeting you at the WWOTB event last night! Let’s chat wraps/reviews when you get a chance!

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