Memorial Day Weekend Wear!

So everyone (well most everyone except for me) get’s a 3 day weekend where they can enjoy friends and family BBQ’s, the park, the beach, the boat, and shopping all the magnificent sales on Monday. You obviously want to look good because people don’t know you have friends and family unless they tag you in pics on IG or FB, so you need some photo-flattering attire that you won’t sweat your ass off in, that has some Patriotic flare, and is easy to run around with the kids in. Well here we go, an outfit for any occasion you may partake in on this lovely scorcher of a weekend!


Backyard BBQ

For an outdoorsy activity this weekend it’s most important to keep your cool, literally. It’s going to be SO SO HOT (well techinically I don’t know where you are, but in FL it’s gunna be) so I choose to rock some comfy white denim shorts (The Limited 40% off right now!), with one of The Limited’s new tie-front sleeveless blouses in chambray with light polka dots, tan sandals, a really awesome straw fedora, a pop of red with a statement necklace, and my fav red Ray-Bans! Get me a burger stat! 😉


Beachin’ it up

I think every woman should own a red swimsuit, I have one, so everyone should, red is a power color and it triggers certain emotions, it can make you feel sexier, make you appear sexier, and it’s just altogether fun and flattering on every skin tone! I paired my swimsuit (because if you’re going to the beach you should be wearing one) with a simple navy and white striped cotton dress (Old Navy $10), gold belt to accent a small waist, anchor pendant, and some adorable red heart-shaped sunnies. Sometimes it’s all about the subtle details!


Shopping the sales

Any kind of sleeve for me this weekend is going to have to be worn indoors, for sure. I bought this amazing dress as part of my Frannies BOGO 50% off Mother’s Day treat, and I’ve been dying to wear it in public around people that will compliment it (let’s be honest with ourselves ladies, isn’t that really why we wear cute stuff anyway?), so if I weren’t working I would totally be hitting up the clearance ranks and brunching with Grandmother on Monday in this cute little red and white striped dress. I love the sweetheart neckline, and it has the perfect length sleeve for me since it covers up the part of my arm where my fat is all living! Small details of gold chained accessories really let the dress stand out on it’s own without making it seem bland, paired with my favorite crocheted Steve Madden flats, a cream colored cross body and gold-accented sunnies from Francesca’s Collections complete the look!


Anything Else…

Bringing back some old Dirty South Couture days, but I totally had to…I ADORE Paisley, it’s like my 17th favorite thing on the planet, so when I saw this spaghetti-strapped blue bandana paisley dress for $12.95 at h&m I had to…(plus I had a $6 Wrapp coupon…that app is the best!!). To really put the WILD in western wear, I jazzed this up with a really awesome red, white and blue horse-printed silk scarf from The Limited (2012 collection), a fun red, white & blue striped fedora, tan antiquated-gold watch (Francesca’s Collections $28), and my go-to tan sandals (again ONLY $12 at Target!). This is what I will most definitely wearing to my mother-in-laws cookout this evening!!!





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I'm Brittany, I love my bbz (James & Cash) clothes, glitter, mud, glitter, PBR, making stuff, and freedom.
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